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It is with great pleasure that we introduce Vagheggi, leading experts in the universe of aesthetic!  For over 40 years, millions of women throughout the world have been seduced by the exceptional performance of the Vagheggi treatment lines.

Furthermore, with over 700 beauty institutes using the Vagheggi products in the Province of Quebec only, their reputation is well established.  It is now your turn to be charmed by the soft Italian touch where textures, fragrances, and results blend together to bring out your natural beauty and a radiant healthy look.  


Founded in 1975, Vagheggi is a pioneer and the leading expert in phytocosmetic treatments in Italy. Reaching for a complete equilibrium between body, mind, and spirit through aromatherapy, its plant and essential oils based products are developed in perfect harmony with nature and in close cooperation with the sciences of naturotherapy, bioenergetic psychology as well as Chinese and Indu medicines.

The continuous discoveries in biogenetic, the purity of its raw materials, the strictness of the production processes and its rigorous scientific approach in creating innovative, exclusive and unique formulas, have all contributed to the incredible creations of high-performance products that guarantee noticeable results both immediate and prolonged to its clientele. 

Vagheggi BIO+ FACIAL  60 min $95

After 6 years of preparation, Vagheggi is proud to introduce BIO+! Its new line of biological, authentic, functional and extremely efficient cosmetic products. 

Its formulations, inspired from nature, are pure, essential and certified Cosmos Organic and Vegan! These standards apply to all commercialized natural and biological cosmetic products as well as any biological ingredients they contain.

 « Cosmos Organic »Higher level of certification recognized all over the world and obligatory since January 17, 2017, for which 95% of the ingredients must be of natural origin and at least 20% of the total production must be biological (10% for cleansers and aqueous lotions).

« Vegan »The certification of a vegan cosmetic guarantees compliance with the principles of vegan life, in particular, a rigorous control that confirms not only the nonanimal origin of the raw materials but also excluded any presence of traces from the harvesting process of said ingredients.

75.15 Vagheggi ANTI-AGING FACIAL  90 min $145

 (Only over 40+years, very effective anti-aging facial)  

In 1997, scientists made a sensational discovery; the ‘’youth’’ protein! They named it Klotho, after the Greek Goddess of fate, who spins the thread of life infinitely. In 2005, geneticists validated its action mechanism.
In 2015, after intense research and work, the Vagheggi dream came through when they found the perfect ally to the Klotho protein that could increase its potential; the resin crystal from the Pistacia lentiscus!
Thanks to this fabulous discovery, Vagheggi has succeeded in developing a most innovative formula. With the 75.15 line, give back youth and longevity to the skin has become a reality.

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