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Phyto Sintesi

Anti Aging Facials

Phyto Sintesi one of the leading producers of professional skin care products in Italy whose products have been on the market for over 30 years. They offer a wide range of products for skin care. The products are based on natural active ingredients derived from plants, and other natural sources. They are also rich in amino acids, vitamins, lipids and moisturizing complexes that are essential to maintaining healthy, beautiful skin.

Anti-Age Skin Care: Collagen is important in the maintenance of healthy, youthful skin. The high Collagen concentration in Phyto Sintesti’s Collagen Line provides skin with elasticity, radiance, and vitality.

New Phyto Sintesi Retinol Serum, a light silky anti-aging serum moisturizes and promotes skin elasticity with Cucumber extract, Retinal A, Pomegranate, and Apricot oil. All products are Paraben Free! 

All Facials are customized and include Microdermabrasion – 75 min $115

       •Retinol Facial (Anti-aging, Hydrating, brightening)

       •Collagen Facial (Fine lines, Hydrating) 

       •Hyaluron Facial (Anti-aging,, Hydrating) 

       •Vitamin C Facial (Anti-aging, brightening) 

       •AHA Fruit acid Facial (Anti-aging, pigmentation, acne) 

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