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Aesthetics for Men


At Gina’s Total Beauty, we can help men to look their very best, whether it means anti-aging treatments, availing yourself of the benefits of laser hair removal, or finding the right product for your skin.

Come in and see why so many men appreciate the competitive edge they get — and why they love the results after visiting Gina’s Total Beauty — we’ll help you look your best, so you feel your best!

First and foremost, we need to have a better understanding of male face anatomy. How is it different from the female face? Only when we know the answer to this question, can we then decide what cosmetic treatment is suitable for men. The male face is quite unique and must be approached and treated differently from female face. Let us look at some unique characteristics of the male face:

1) Male facial skin is thicker and more coarse due to male hormones. It has more sweat and oil production. These result in more prominent pores and uneven skin texture.

2) Men are more likely to be exposed to the sun which results in accelerated skin ageing and pigmentation.

3) Men have less face and soft tissue in the cheek area (3mm less than women). Therefore, men have flatter cheeks.

4) Men are more prone to severe and deep facial wrinkles. Women tend to have more superficial wrinkles. This is due to thicker facial skin, a more prominent facial musculature and  less fat tissue in the face.

Summary: Men appear older than their age when compared to women.

This explains the increasing demand in men’s aesthetic treatment.

Aesthetic Treatments for Men Available at Gina’s Total Beauty

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